Brio realizes the critical importance that New Product Introduction (NPI) plays in optimizing a new product’s time to market. When we help customers launch complex products, we can provide substantial engineering, technology and manufacturing expertise and detailed feedback on what can be done on time to achieve customers’ vision. At Brio, we assign a complete project team to ensure a smooth transition of prototypes to the production environment and have extensive experience with prototyping, product verification, and supply chain and volume production.

Output from Sales Process to NPI Process
Information from Brio AM to Brio NPI Project Manager

Main Steps of NPI:
• Phase 1: Project set up
• Phase 2: Start up
• Phase 3: Project planning
• Phase 4: Product piloting
• Phase 5: Brio product qualification
• Phase 6: Customer provides production approval
• Phase 7: Production ramp up
• Phase 8: Project closing

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