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Supply Chain

To better service for hundreds of customers, we have been creating our stable supply chain including more than hundreds of domestic and foreign suppliers. We connect customers products and suppliers by ERP system which record and deal with thousands of kinds of production materials (mainly contains electronic components and auxiliary materials), and manage the whole business process from order receipt, procurement, production, delivery, to financial settlement.
For the components on customer demand, we buy the components by BRIO Canada and BRIO Beijing together. And our demand and supply chain is tailored to fulfill customers’ service level requirements. When BRIO commits to the best total cost of ownership, managing and developing our supplier base and logistics capabilities, we can proactively meet our customer requirements without compromising the quality we supply.
The essence of BRIO industrial electronics supply chain management is collaboration throughout the value chain with our partners to reduce customer Supply Chain complexity and provide cost reductions. By working with us, you can keep your focus on your own business fundamentals building for future success.

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