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Brio engineers have a broad range of experience, gained through years of engineering service including Product Design Support, New Product Introduction, Fast Prototyping, according to customers’ requirement, we can also provide manufacturability analysis, testing concept analysis, reliability analysis, etc.

We can work as an extension of your product development team to bring your product to life.

Product Design Support
Brio can provide competent support in the design of your product or system. Our Design Support services consist of product specification, PCB layout, mechanical design, and product documentation.

New Product Introduction
Our NPI Project Management services include project management, product engineering and secure material availability for upcoming production lots. Our project managers coordinate the introduction of your new product using standardized processes and phase reviews during the whole introduction period. Our NPI service can provide efficient transferring, low cost, stable product quality and predictable project status.

Design for Manufacturability
Our Design for Manufacturability services include material availability, target cost estimation, Gerber data check and placement analysis, assembly suggestion, test analysis, environmental consulting, etc.

Fast Prototyping
Brio can support you in every step of the production process and make detailed improvement suggestions, targeting cost reduction and high quality yields. Our Prototyping Services include purchasing materials, assembly on mass production equipment, delivery of prototypes, and improvement suggestions.

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